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In buying our first house, and then re-financing it a few years later we've benefited greatly from the skilled team at Brooke Group Appraisals. Their team handles tons of transactions each week and they have their thumb on the market in a way that has seriously benefited us. When we first bought our house they helped us appraise some of our prospects to look at things like what sort of sweat-equity we could expect and what sort of updates we could do to get at that equity. Two years after the initial appraisal, and subsequent purchase, we had another appraisal done to see if we'd tapped any of that equity. After the second appraisal we felt confident and started talking to lenders for a re-fi and ended up getting our 80% LTV to get out of PMI! The team at Brooke Group was right on the money, and more than that, they were right for more than 2 years - that's saying something! These guys are great, and they come highly recommended for home-owners wondering how well their property is doing, and for potential home-owners looking to see just what the market value of that house really is!



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